Loco Trendz - FAQs for Retailers & Distributors

Q. Is there a minimum order?
A. If you are a retailer, we suggest that you start by purchasing a minimum of 100 pieces per style per store. You can chose as many styles as you prefer. By so doing, we both will discover the selling rates for the various styles, and then we can work a shipping schedule that suits your particular needs.

Q. How do you pack the products?
A. We supply the product on a black hang card that can be placed on most display hooks. You will apply your own price sticker to the card.

Q. Do your products come with a UPC number?
A. We can supply our products with a UPC number or you can use your own system.

Q. How long does it take to fill an order?
A. This depends in part on order size. If the order can be filled from our Honolulu inventory, we ship by mail within five days. If the order must be shipped from China, it will take three to four weeks. Our Honolulu warehouse ships up to 2,000 pieces.

Q. How do you ship?
A. Orders are sent to your store or warehouse by US Mail from Honolulu and by FedEx from China.

Q. Who bears the cost of shipping?
A. We add the cost of shipping to your order.

Q. What happens if we receive a product that is defective?
A. We will replace the product at our cost.

Q. What are the terms?
A. Payment terms are reviewed on an individual basis.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?
A. We add 0.005 percent in HGET for deliveries made in Hawaii.

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